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toward another Possible Education

I´m Mayi Rizzo, I travel through Latin America to investigate and register educational projects with alternative pedagogies. Like you, I’m convinced that another education is possible and necessary for a better world.

I´m Mayi Rizzo, I travel through Latin America to investigate and register educational projects with alternative pedagogies. Like you, I’m convinced that another education is possible and necessary for a better world.


researching and recording educational projects


Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil, Venezuela, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá and Costa Rica.


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Viajando por la

How was born
How was born?

Viajando por la Educación?

I´m Mayi, an early childhood educator in Mendoza, Argentina. I learn from nature in all its shapes and I’m interested in those searches that take us to a more equitable and equal world. 

In 2015, after 10 years of working more and more hours in Day Care Centers and Public Schools, I went through a deep reflection process as a personal and professional transformation. I quit those jobs, and with a big effort I bought my van to make it my home and there began my travel. 

Viajando por la Educación is a project and a dream that has the objective to visit and document Pikler´s pedagogy together with a thousand of alternative pedagogies and kinds of upbringing dreamed working and throbbing in Latin America. With all that material I’m creating a Documental that pretends to make visible and bring conscience about those educational proposals.

As a teacher and psychomotor therapist, I saw the need to spread these educational projects that are flexible, loving, and careful with the body, the essence, and the culture of each child.

These proposals prioritize the playing space, the materials, and the human connection. Where the adult cares and accompanies the child to grow in freedom, without accelerating the development or taking unnecessary interventions. Being respectful of the natural individual process of each soul. 

How do I pay the traveling costs?

Each part of this trip has been possible thanks to the generous contribution of people who comprehend the impact of this project and in some way take part. Paying the costs has been an enormous challenge, because I don’t have sponsors, but I do count on a network of collaborators who commits to this cause.

I still have to visit several communities in Latin America and that only will be possible if you join.

If you ask yourself which kind of childhood we are educating and What kind of society we want. I invite you to join Viajando por la Educación, together we will complete this project.

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As Volunteer

You can contribute through the Professional Volunteers. If you are a community manager, video editor, or graphic designer, write to me and tell me what you can contribute!


That way more people can know this cause and be part!

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Viajando por la Educación

«Thank you very much for the commitment to make this journey in favor of new education for the new generations and thus be able to give continuity to this change of consciousness that we are walking as humanity! Good routes! Blessings always!».

Zé Vida


«Excellent study and educational project for the development of the neediest communities. This project will raise the standard of living and prosperity of each of the inhabitants with an education different from the model used».

Omar Espinoza


«It is encouraging that there are people who are in these reflections and tasks. My wanderings are also searching for artistic pedagogies and above all with that commitment of life in the formation of a small soul that we can say does not “fit” in the “normalized” forms that are expected in educational places. These collective reflections that you are already projecting are so necessary».

María Manuela Segovia


«Mayi, who is certain that there are alternative ways in education to accompany the development of children more kindly, free of authoritarianism that prevents the flourishing of autonomy. The search has served to discover educational worlds unsuspected by the institutionalism, the same that she is sharing with her project Viajando por la Educación, which I am sure will be the navigation chart to guide the mission of teachers aware of the need to rethink the adult-child relationship to open new pedagogical routes, attentive to the positive change that Latin American societies are urgently needing».

León Octavio Osorno Aguirre


«Mayi is an early childhood education teacher, she studied a degree in Psychomotricity and one day three years ago she decided to give up the official school system to turn her car into a home and thus travel through all the “alternative” education spaces that are being born in Latin America.

She visits them. She experiences their lights and shadows. She records them in video and photo. She talks and shares her life with the people who make, manage and fund these projects. Her engine, her north, is a Documentary that records these educational projects whose basic feeling is the same: another education for children is possible. THANK YOU».

Laura Rizzi




Mayi Rizzo uma viagem pela educação alternativa da América latina e um beijo nas mulheres! Conquistando Cotas de Liberdade!


Una educadora que trasciende las fronteras


Nota La Maga Cali Colombia


Nota Diario Uno Mendoza, Argentina





Video Library
Video Library


Proyecto y cruce de Colombia a Panamá


Nota Medio Brasilero


Corporación Red Afecto. Manizales, Colombia


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